WATER PUMP Leasing Service

Why use pump rental service?

The rainy season is the time when low-lying works are prone to flooding, especially for works that have formed foundation pits, with heavy rainfall that will flood the foundation pits, affecting construction activities of workers and workers. work quality. Therefore, in addition to manual measures such as digging trenches for water drainage, shielding water flows, etc., it can only be applied when the amount of rainwater is small and the scale is small. For large projects or areas with heavy rainfall, it is necessary to have a drainage pump system to pump rain water to prevent flooding.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of expanding production scale, which means increasing capacity, it is necessary to refurbish machines, water pumping equipment or even change to be able to update new and advanced technologies. into the wrong production to bring the highest efficiency to the enterprise.

However, the investment in buying a new water pump system is very wasteful when the usage time is not long, it can cause loss and affect the budget, not to mention the costs related to maintenance. and accessories included. Understanding your worries and concerns, TS Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has brought the best and most cost-effective solution, which is to rent a water pump.

Water pump rental service TS . Pump Manufacturing Company Limited

We specialize in supplying and renting large and small capacity water pumps to suit all needs


0-25 (m3/h)

· 25-50 (m3/h)

50-100 (m3/h)

100-200 (m3/h)

· 200-300 (m3/h)

· 300-500 (m3/h)

500-1000 (m3/h)

· 1000-2500 (m3/h)

· 2500-5000 (m3/h)

- Full accessories can be operated and used immediately, saving costs and time for customers.

- Professional, fast and reliable installation, maintenance and repair service

- All supplied water pumps and engines are guaranteed for quality, smooth operation, and are applied in most fields such as water supply and drainage pumps, foundation pit pumps.

- Reasonable cost, suitable price

- Transporting water pumps to the place as required

- Support many attractive preferential policies

In addition, in some locations where there is no electricity, the use of water pumps becomes difficult. To meet the needs of customers, TS pump is also rented with a diesel engine-water pump for locations without electricity.

If you are in need of buying or renting an explosion-proof water pump, please contact us for the best quote.