TS Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a unit with more than many years of experience in technical services, with professional staff, so as long as customers need, we will provide the most optimal service for each customer. client.

The company's engineers and workers are well-trained in terms of technique, have worked for many years at our company, so we always bring the best quality to our customers.

With the process of receiving, evaluating, and repairing science to ensure quality as well as the most reasonable price for customers.

Pump repair process at TS . Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd


(1) Receiving information from customers

Hotline: 1900966981

Email: info@tsumps.vn

The customer support department is responsible for direct consultation, if not resolved, can send information to confirm the receipt of the request.

(2) Analysis and processing of received information

For requests that can be handled immediately by Customer Support, they will be handled directly and the service will be terminated.

For requests under the handling competence of other relevant departments, re-confirm the request-receiving information and forward it to the relevant departments.

(3) Discuss the solution and fix the damaged problem.

The relevant department receives the service, determines the cause and notices the handling plan to the customer.

Repairs are free of charge for products that are still under warranty, or charge for products that do not meet the warranty policy.

(4) Transfer the equipment to the factory, or arrange the technician to the site.

After agreeing on a plan to fix the damage, the relevant department will transport the product to the factory or arrange for a technician to repair it.

(5) Inspect, evaluate and propose a repair plan

Carrying out the repair stages, each stage has a quality check:
- Cleaning
- Welding
- Manufacturing replacement parts
- Processing after welding
- Assembling
- Running test and inspection

(6) Notice of implementation progress

Constantly updating information from relevant departments, regularly informing customers about the situation

(7) Ex-factory, handing over to customers to finish the service.