Pump performance is of great importance to each customer's needs and purposes.

It can be said that each pumping station contains many criteria that affect the selection of a pump. With clear and concrete examples, our engineers create awareness of aspects that partners may have never considered before. After all, TS Pumps are a very rich range of pumping station solutions. TS Pumps believes that total cost of ownership and operation should be a key aspect when selecting a pump.

Procedures when receiving survey and installation needs

(1) Reception

For survey support, customers can directly contact hotline 1900966981 or email: info@tspumps.vn

(2) Direct survey

The technical team will go directly to the location of the pump station to be installed to measure the distances and evaluate some criteria about the topographical characteristics.

Collect information about customers' usage needs and purposes.

Evaluate legacy systems in use and energy consumption, if any.

(3) Installation plan.

The technical team will conduct design and product selection to ensure MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY for each option selected.

Sending plans and estimates for each private option for customers to evaluate and choose.

(4) Contract & advance

Agreeing on the contents and implementation plan, Pump TS will proceed to draft the contract and request an advance to proceed with production.

(3) Construction-installation

After agreeing on the above contents, the technical team will install and start the process of monitoring the construction progress. The entire construction process will be reported with data and images every day and stored on the system, easily predicting the completion progress and timely handling of problems arising during the implementation process.

(4) Handover of acceptance and payment

The technician will organize user manual for operation, maintenance - pump maintenance for the end-user unit. Hand over test run and re-evaluate pump performance.

Handover and acceptance of the project.

(5) Support issues after handover

In the process of using, if there are any problems, customers can completely contact us for support and guidance.

Notify the time period for maintenance to be carried out to customers to ensure the longevity of the product.