1. Current status of aquaculture industry

Aquaculture is a profession that is considered to be earning money for many farmers today. Aquaculture in the provinces, especially the Mekong Delta, is taking place quite vibrantly and effectively. Besides the achievements, aquaculture farmers have to face many challenges, in which the challenge of water quality and flow is the top issue.

Maintaining good water quality is essential for the survival and optimal growth of pond organisms. Good water quality is characterized by adequate oxygen levels and limited levels of harmful chemicals. In addition, water is also a rich source of nutrients for shrimp/fish. The water source also helps to balance the large amount of feed put into the pond, excess food, manure and other organic substances converted to the outside environment, creating favorable conditions for the growth and development of shrimp/fish.

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In addition, TS Pump also produces many types of pumps with many capacities from large to medium and small with diverse functions to serve many purposes, contributing to increasing production efficiency and improving material life. for farmers.

Solutions for water supply for aquaculture are being researched by many scientists, especially in the current context that water sources for farming and production are increasingly seriously polluted, leading to frequent epidemics. , farming productivity is strongly affected, quality is not guaranteed. To achieve high productivity One of the factors contributing to efficiency is choosing the right type of water pump to ensure the flow, quality as well as the ecological environment for plants and animals.

2. The optimal solution for farmers in the aquaculture industry

There are many solutions, but each mining method has its own advantages and disadvantages. The analysis shows that the construction of a pumping station to take water from the treated reservoirs and a circulating pump system between the ponds is really necessary and brings high efficiency. It is recommended to use a pump system to circulate the water flow. Applying this solution to the aquaculture area requires a reputable and quality pump supplier, directly surveying and offering a specific plan for each case to bring the highest efficiency.