1. Current status of irrigation water sources

“First country, second part, three cans, four varieties”, the experience of our forefathers is always true in agricultural production, that is, water is put on the top position. Due to climate change and weather changes, rainfall across the country is also affected. To deal with these cases, farmers are now applying irrigation systems to improve water retention in the soil.


The role of water in agricultural production

But in order to conserve water, farmers still have to make efforts to improve the construction of irrigation canals to meet the irrigation needs of crops. Develop irrigation systems, reasonable water intake sluices to obtain fresh water, prevent water from entering to meet irrigation water supply in the dry season, and limit water shortage.

However, the construction and installation of irrigation pump irrigation systems in many localities often encounter problems such as frequent repairs, high electricity costs, large capacity use but weak water flow, time consuming pumping, etc. complicated installation, the pump must be relocated during the flood season. Therefore, it has not brought the highest efficiency and benefits.

2. Solution to the problem of supplying water for irrigation to farmers

Together with farmers to overcome the fear of lack of fresh water for irrigation, TS Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has researched and developed many pump lines with outstanding features and advantages while solving the problem of irrigation water flow. consumption but still save water, extra electricity per block of water.


Spare parts service of TS Pump is committed to providing comprehensive support and assistance to farmers.

About the benefits of using TS Pump's services and spare parts:

- Provide and share with customers product knowledge and practical applications

- Have a staff that is always ready to help anytime, anywhere

- Longer service life due to upgraded design, superior materials or special materials of TS Pump.

About spare parts:

- A reliable source of quality spare parts

- Fast time

- Reverse engineering service is the ideal solution

The company has been manufacturing and developing large and small flow pumps to serve all production scales for farmers. Product advantages:

- Reduce electricity costs

- The quality of cast iron meets JWWA standard (Standard applicable to water supply industry products in Japan)

- Lifespan of 10-15 years, Less damage and repair

- Use floats for irrigation, drainage, and water-moving pumps

Therefore, the construction of the irrigation system and the local water pumping station, which is invested synchronously and well-functioning, will help farmers grow year-round and increase their income.